Current Sermon Series

Lent 2024 Sermon Series

February 14 – March 31, 2024

Questions God Asks Us

Have you ever stopped to think about the questions that God asks in the Bible?  Often, we miss them entirely!  Perhaps like many others do, you think the Bible is just a book of answers with solutions to our everyday concerns and dilemmas.  God wants to enter a conversational relationship with each one of us.  God asks questions, and our answers draw us into a relationship that calls us deeper and deeper.  This Lent, we’ll explore some of the questions God asks us from both the Old and New Testaments.

Pancakes & Ashes Event with Vale UMC

Feb 14, Ash Wednesday | Isaiah 58, Matthew 6:1 -6, 16 – 21

A pancake dinner will be served at 6:00 PM by donation, followed by an all-age worship service in the Chapel exploring the different meanings of Ash used in this service.  

Feb 18 Week 1:  Where Are You?  | Genesis 2:15 - 3:21 

Good seeks us out because he loves us.  Nothing we do can separate us from God's love.

Feb 25 Week 2:  What is Your Name? | Genesis 32:22-32             

When we face the good and bad about ourselves honestly, that is when God does his best work in us.  God gives us a new identity / name.

Mar 3, Week 3:  What Is That In Your Hand? | Exodus 3:13 - 4:5        

We each have something to offer.  Don't doubt your abilities to be used by God.  We are not inadequate with God.

Mar 10, Week 4: What Are You Doing Here? | 1 Kings 19:1-15             

We often run from God and our lives come to a complete standstill.  But when we stop and answer God's question, we are given greater clarity about our purpose.  Dealing with burnout.

Mar. 17, Week 5:  What are You Looking For? | John 1:29 - 42             

What are you looking for that will meet the deepest longings you have?  Look at what we desire.  Dealing with our restlessness.

Mar. 24 (Palm Sunday) Week 6:  Who Do You Say That I Am? | Mark 8:27 - 38  

So many have opinions about Jesus, but who do you personally believe Jesus to be?  Huge impact on lives in how we answer this question.  Personal response.


Maundy Thursday | Joint Service with Vale UMC at Community of Faith, 7 PM 
Do You Understand What I Have Done For You? | John 13:1- 35     

The way up is down -- Jesus models a servant's heart and gives us a path to follow as we follow his lead.

Good Friday | Road Trip to the National Cathedral for Service | 12 - 3:00 PM

Join members from Community of Faith as we head to the National Cathedral for their Good Friday Service.  Those who would like to carpool will meet at CoF at 11 AM in the parking lot.  

Mar. 31, Easter Sunday:  Why Are You Crying? | John 20: 1- 18             

Our tears don't always end in sadness.  Can lead to resurrection joy and good news.

  • 7:00 AM Sunrise Service at Vale UMC in their Outdoor Chapel followed by Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM Contemporary Service at Community of Faith
  • 10:30 AM Traditional Service at Community of Faith with our Annual Egg Hunt Immediately Following Worship on the Front Lawn (For Toddlers - 6th Graders).