Music Expressing Faith

Music expressing faith

Music is a vital way to express faith - both singing and listening transports us to another dimension of our faith.

At Community of Faith, several choirs enhance our weekly worship. 

The Sanctuary Choir includes adults and youth and provides music at the 10:30 worships. Their repertoire includes both classic sacred and contemporary music. Practice is Thursday's at 7:30 PM.  Listen to one of their anthems below.  

The 8:30 Singers is an inter-generational group accompanied by piano, guitar and djembe offering many contemporary Christian hymns.  

Listen to "Down by the River to Pray" offered by the Sanctuary Choir 


There's Always Room

Do you love to sing, play an instrument. Hum really well? There's always room in the choir or for worship for praising God through a variety of musical manners. Just contact Mary Ann East, music director, to explore how you might contribute to the worship experience through music.