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Wild, Messy, Infinite Love Podcast

by Eric Snader on April 10, 2019

Episode 10- The One Where Erin Mckenney Talks about Immigration and Community

One of the active UMC agencies within the D.C. area that focuses on serving our migrant neighbors is "Just Neighbors" in Annandale VA, though they have a Herndon Office as well. In this podcast, I have a wonderful conversation with Erin Mckenney, the Executive Director of Just Neighbors, where we talk about what Just Neighbors is, what the factors are in our modern understanding of immigration, and how to foster authentic community with all, especially those who rest outside our "bubbles". 

Follow the Links Below to listen to this episode of the podcast, and know that I hope to continue producing conversations like this in the future as well, so if this piques your interest, go ahead and subscribe/follow to stay up to date on any other conversations such as these!

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Tags: community, community missions, growth, immigration, love, service, spirituality, just neighbors, wild messy infinite love, wmil, eric snader, erin mckenney, justice for our neighbors