What can I do about New Zealand?

    03.15.19 | Articles by Rob Vaughn

    What can I do in response to the horrors of the shootings during prayers in Christchurch?

    This is a time to personally reach out to our Muslim neighbors, co-workers, and classmates, including those we may never have spoken to before says Virginia's interim bishop, Peter Weaver. This is an important time to let them know of our love and support.

    In our own conversations, counter words of hate, prejudice, and intolerance directed at "the other," with words and actions of loving "the other" as we "love ourselves." Our voices of welcome and caring are needed in our national conversation about Muslims and immigrants, who were the target of the New Zealand shooter.

    Bishop Weaver suggests that we take a moment in silent prayer for our world, our nation, our church. Hear Jesus whisper again, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Let us be the "Christchurch" in Virginia that our Lord and Savior calls us to be!